The Steelmont™ Watch.  Driven to be Authentic.

Every serious car or motorcycle enthusiast has one set of wheels that stops them in their tracks... that makes their heart race and their pulse red‐line. Having a Steelmont watch strapped to your wrist elicits every bit the same intensity of response as a sleek European sports car or a sassy Italian racing bike.

Steelmont is not an object of social status. It is an authentic motoring watch meant for car and motorcycle enthusiasts that spend as much time under the hood as they do at the tracks and auto meets. It’s a timepiece for people whose wheels take them places even when they’re standing still.  

If you find the precision note of a highly tuned engine resoundingly sexy, the lure of a windy road exhilarating, you will find owning a Steelmont watch equally rewarding.


Designed by Driving Passion.

Like many of the world’s most cherished automobiles, Steelmont is the idea of a designer whose vision is the result of decades of honed skill in the watch industry combined with a passion for fine cars and motorcycles.  

Because Steelmont was borne out of a love for both automotive and watch design  disciplines, it achieves a unique level of authenticity. From its piston‐head inspired profile to its transmission‐inspired crown, every millimeter of a Steelmont is original. Its reflector ring is reminiscent of a turbo compressor wheel; its dial is as hand crafted as the seats of a classic old roadster.  

Steelmont originates from a spirit that finds as much joy in the journey as it does in the destination.