Warranty Terms

1-Year Limited Warranty

Steelmont guarantees that your timepiece (watch) will be free of defects in material and workmanship. We offer our customers a 1 year limited warranty on all our timepieces. The 1 year warranty period starts from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, if your timepiece malfunctions or if there is a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your timepiece free-of-charge

Warranty covers purchases made at steelmontwatch.com ONLY. If you purchased your new or used Steelmont watch from an unauthorized source, whether online or in a store, the watch is not covered by our warranty. We have no control over the authenticity, quality and condition of the watch sold by an unauthorized vendor. Since the retailer has no relationship with us it may not be an authentic Steelmont and even if it is, the store is not authorized to sell our products, therefore, we have no obligation to warranty the sale and cannot guarantee the watch quality.

Warranty DOES NOT Cover:

  • Battery, strap, crystal, and case
  • Internal or external damage caused by normal wear and tear, abusive treatment, or misuse; including, but not limited to, scratches, cracks, abrasions or tears on any part of the watch.
  • Watch that has been tampered with, modified or repaired by an unauthorized vendor; including damage resulting from use of a non-recommended battery.
  • Damage that results from extreme temperatures or pressure – extreme heat and hot water may cause your watch to lose its water resistance. (Do not take your watch into a hot tub or sauna).
  • Water damage due to misuse (for example, not pushing the crown in completely before using the watch in or near water, or using the pushers and crown underwater or when wet.)
  • Stolen or lost watch
  • Watch damaged from an accident
  • Watch purchased at an unauthorized retailer
Request for Warranty Claim or Repair Service

To get started on your warranty claim or repair, please email the timekeeper@steelmontwatch.com.

  • If your watch is under warranty, the repair costs are covered.
  • If it is under warranty but we discover the repair involves a non-warrantied part, there will be a related charge for fixing the watch.
  • If the watch is no longer under warranty, all repairs are billable.
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